Katja – online sessions

I am very satisfied with the sessions I have had with Ehsan so far. Especially the last session where we discussed a recent shock trauma was very impressive. Before the session, the event kept running through my head, I kept seeing images and was easily triggered. It was over after one session. I didn’t think […]

Erika – online sessions

This year I got to know Ehsan as a coach and am impressed by his skills. The ability to create a safe space (via screen alone) in a few minutes to show yourself is special. And the (somatic) tools he offers are extremely valuable. If you have the chance to work with him, do it. […]

Lucas – online sessions

Ehsan is very good at what he does. He puts you in touch with your feelings and changes your look without you realizing how that works. The process felt very natural. We have only seen and spoken to each other online, but the contact has become increasingly open and familiar. More results after a few […]


De sessies met Ehsan zijn bijzondere ervaringen. Ehsan zorgt voor tijd en ruimte om je eigen lijf en emoties te ervaren. In samenwerking met Ehsan krijg ik meer inzicht in hoe ik werk (mijn lijf, en mijn gedachtes) waar ik behoefte aan heb, en leer ik bewuster mijn levensdoelen nastreven.