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With a body-oriented coaching trajectory you are supported by all means that we also use in the body-oriented therapy sessions. The main difference is that you have a concrete goal, which you would like to achieve within a certain period. During the intake we determine where you are now and where you want to be on a certain date. We draw up intermediate phases with intermediate goals and link them to our sessions. The body-oriented coaching process consists of eight sessions. The route consists of:

1. Refine and clarify your goal
2. Visualize where you want to be and link this to a positive feeling
3. Exploring what's in your way
4. Investigate what contributes to your goal
5. Performing exercises and assignments during and between sessions
6. Understanding how you relate emotionally and cognitively to your goal

For who

How we approach life influences how we feel. Our beliefs, emotions and relationships to loved ones and colleagues have an impact on our bodies. Your body signals whether something is good for you or not. The better you are in contact with your body, the easier it is to use it as your compass. Unfortunately, we do not always learn that in our society and this can cause complaints. Here are some of these complaints.

Want to be more assertive | want to be more resilient | too much muscle tension | excessive stress | choice stress | don't know what you want | have to and experience a lot of pressure | unrest | uncertainty | inferiority feelings | worrying excessively | have the feeling of being constantly 'on' | sleeping badly | physical complaints such as palpitations, abdominal pain, headache, nausea and hyperventilation


With the sessions you learn to listen better to your body and to understand it better. You break through beliefs that no longer work for you and you begin to recognize the function and usefulness of your emotions. You will notice that you will feel freer and that you will go through life more spontaneously. The natural intelligence of your instinct is going to work more for you. Here are some results that come with it.

more assertive | more rest | liveliness | balance | resilience | self confidence | flow | rays | energy | time for yourself | make choices from your heart | learn to feel and indicate boundaries | make use of your qualities | have meaning in life

In principle, the body-oriented program is priced at a business level. See rates for this investment.