3. EHSAN English

Ruimte waar therapie en coaching word gehouden


My name is Ehsan Ebadi and I give body-oriented therapy sessions in Amsterdam and online. I was born in Iran and lived in Iraq from the age of four to ten, where I lived through the Iran-Iraq and First Gulf Wars. In Iraq, I attended a boarding school for a military group that fought for the freedom of the Iranian people. Later we lived among the Iraqis and everything was aimed at fleeing as quickly as possible to a safer country with more future prospects. My family and I fled to the Netherlands in 1991. I experienced this period very consciously and it had a great impact on me.

As a child I was very interested in other people, but also in my own thoughts. For example, how some thoughts were much more positive than others. I later became interested in philosophy and spirituality and quit my job as an ICT consultant at Accenture to study with Zen Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Than in Plum Village.
The 4 months I spent there changed the course of my life. My interest in body and mind, and desire for love and freedom were given top priority. Slowly I came into contact with hidden layers within myself and learned little by little to meet them. This journey has made me more authentic and has brought me in touch with my past. And with that with the here and now.

In addition, I started playing with the idea of ​​sharing my discoveries and journey with others. To be able to afford Massage & Movement Therapy and Somatic Experiencing and many retreats, I continued my work as a consultant for a few more years. Until I could finally take the step to leave the old behind and start with the new. Nowadays, I live six months in Amsterdam and six months in Mexico. But the whole year thru you are welcome for sessions.