2.6 NARM English

Een kind die trap te hoog vind om alleen te nemen


Neuro Affective Relational Model (NARM) is a highly effective and autonomy supportive body-oriented therapy model. Among others, it builds on discoveries of Bio-Energetica by Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen, Somatic Experiencing by Peter Levine and Polyvagal Theory by Steven Porges.

Shock and developmental trauma

Shock trauma mainly involves physical movements from the nervous system that need to be completed for recovery. In the case of developmental trauma, it is mainly the emotions that still have to be completed in order to make healing possible. For example, it may be that your anger or sadness has not been able to express itself and is in the way without you being aware of it. This is what NARM focuses on.

Emotions and NARM

How we relate to our emotions has everything to do with how our parents related to their own emotions. The more capacity they have to feel, carry and express their emotions, the more we can.
What our parents do not have themselves, they cannot give to us. For example, when our caregivers are out of touch with their anger, become overwhelmed by their own grief, or cannot place their fears, we also develop distorted relationships to these emotions. This is the basis for recurring challenges in our daily relationships with family, friends and colleagues. Therefore, it can be very valuable to examine our emotional patterns with curiosity and gentleness.

All emotions have a function and have a message that they want to communicate. Communicate to us but also to others. Healing, transformation and growth arise when we are able to hear, feel and express the message of our own emotions. Then we have no resistance and fear for these emotions and can spontaneously express them. Emotions are there to serve us. They are signals from our body that show us the way and communicate to our environment such as friends, loved ones and colleagues. A healthy family or community consists of people with healthy relationships to emotions.

NARM sessions

In NARM we are firstly interested in what you want and long for. Then we look together what seems to be in the way of what you want for yourself. What layers of beliefs, emotions, sensations have been formed over the years that are now getting in your way. In every dynamic there are elements of anger, sadness, fear, shame and guilt. During the NARM sessions we will explore and feel these layers step by step. Naturally making space for your wants and needs to show up in safety. We do this together with respect for the pace of your body. Here are some capacities that can service supported by the NARM modality.

1. Being able to say yes and no clearly and in connection.
2. In connection with yourself and others, say what you need.
3. Let them know you need help and support
4. Approaching intimate relationships from love and sensuality
5. Feeling connected to yourself and others.

If you would like to know more about NARM therapy and sessions, please feel free to plan an online intake. The intakes are 30 minutes and free of charge.