2. THERAPY English

Moedige leeuw met open blik, eigenschap kwaliteiten die clienten ondersteunt.


You may find that there are certain patterns in you that no longer work for you. And that it's hard to change these. And when possible to change it works for a while with enough willpower, but on the long term you fall back in to the old pattern. For a structural reorganization at deeper layers in your body, support in therapy is very valuable.
In my sessions we work on the energetic, physical and mental level. We focus on the nervous system, emotions and unconscious beliefs. Through this way of working, we complete unfinished fight, flight and freeze responses from the past, to experience greater security and connection. In our sessions suppressed emotions may naturally come to expression and make space for more spontaneity and aliveness. Limiting beliefs and identifications may dissolve to make room for more self-confidence and freedom.


We have sessions in Amsterdam in my practice or online. During our conversation we determine what you want to get out of the sessions. We examine what is in your way and especially what helps you to be where you want to be. In this research it is important that we involve the body; what sensations, emotions do you experience and what do you notice in your breathing for example. I sometimes also use touch (always with your consent) to support the process or ask you to use self touch. We always work together and are equal. We are also always with one foot in the here and now. With a certain amount of security and confidence that we naturally build up, we open the way for your natural curiosity and courage and the journey in the rich and healing world of the body and mind begins.

Therapy methods

I work body-oriented, but also involve the energetic and the mental. I am certified in Somatic Experiencing, Neuro Affective Relations Model (NARM Masters level), Massage & Movement Therapy (HBO level) and use SOMA and Polyvagal Theory in my sessions. These models complement each other and are very effective for the treatment of shock and developmental trauma, as well as support (coaching) in themes such as rest, safety, autonomy, trust, creativity and vitality.

You are welcome for an intake on location or online via Skype or Zoom. See the heading Rates for reimbursement per session by your health insurance.