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Therapy and coaching sessions

My name is Ehsan and I offer body-oriented therapy sessions in Amsterdam and online. I can help you see through and feel through your physical, emotional and cognitive constraints. This will help you get closer to yourself. Also experience more peace, energy and connection. During the sessions we sit together in a nice room or work online. In our conversation we determine what you want to get out of the sessions. We examine what is in your way and especially what helps you to be where you want to be. In this research it is important that we involve the body; what sensations, emotions do you experience and what do you notice in your breathing, for example. We always work together and are equal. We are also always with one foot in the here and now. With a certain amount of security and confidence, the way is opened for your natural curiosity and courage, and the journey of discovery into the rich and healing world of the body and mind begins.

Schedule a free intake session

Would you like to plan an a non-binding intake for your orientation to get a feel for whether you want to do therapy sessions? Easily plan an online intake session with the calendar below. During this intake you can tell me what has interested you in an online intake session. I will ask you some questions to understand get to know you and your situation a bit better. Often these questions also bring more clarity to yourself. Furthermore, I will explain what to expect from the sessions and we will take the time to explore what is getting in the way of you being where you want to be. We are also slowly involving the body in this research and will discover whether body-oriented therapy can support you in your process at the moment. Finally, you can schedule an appointment for a follow-up session or you can let it all sink in and make a decision later.


Physical, emotional and cognitive dysregulation can express in a variety of symptoms. Here are some examples. PTST | developmental trauma | shocktrauma | Chronic stress and tension | hyperactivity | low energy levels | being stuck | loneliness | excessive doubting | difficulty in saying no | Setting boundaries | anxiety and panic attacks | feeling empty | need for control | fear of contact | explosive anger | suppressed anger | depression | inability to cry | shame | problems with connecting in relationships | being able to trust | dependency and independency issues| excessive thinking | lack of self-confidence | stuck in flight and flight | difficulty in grounding and embodiment | excessieve sadness | feeling alone


More grounding | more peace and relaxation | more freedom | more flow and creativity | more in your body | more clarity in your head | more healthy self-worth | more emotional power and resilience | better relationships to anger | more access to your life energy | more autonomy | more balance in dependency and independence | more trust | more ability to let go | more clear yes and no answers | more ability to connect with others | more joy in life | more understanding of yourself and others | more strength in life | more vulnerability | more self-awareness