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Vrienden op reis met warme kleuren


Trauma, ontwikkelingstrauma

On the stairs I tapped Holger on the shoulder and asked if I could do a Somatic Experiencing session with him. I have no trauma, but I am very curious about your sessions. Holger looked at me most amused and said, everyone has trauma. It is part of our life.

Een vrouw in krachtige meditatie

On the wall On Friday afternoons I have white hands and  wear a belt attached to a rope. This is to prevent me from making a free fall to the floor of the climbing hall. When I start climbing I am looking forward to the climb and have lots of

Met voeten op de grond

Anchor in the now Plum Village is located in Bordeaux on a hill between vineyards and plum trees. Everyone stops here every 20 minutes to reconnect with the Now. A bell will remind you of this. You stop what you are doing and consciously focus your attention on your next

De blik van Ramana Maharshi

It felt so close. As if I already knew it, but I didn’t realize it yet. The last few days I felt and experienced things differently than usual and now I have a book in my hand with beautiful black and white photos and one-liners by Nisargadata Maharaj. One of