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Vrienden op reis met warme kleuren


Focus van aandacht

Focus your attention on the man who pours the wine, he matters, not the cup. – Rumi – Your attention shapes the world! The intensity and quality of your attention has the magical power to penetrate matter and feed it with life energy. You can  take this both literally and

Aanraking van twee handen

A basic need The experiment was stopped after four months. By this time, half of the babies had died. Austrian psychoanalyst Spitz wanted to know if humans can survive without affection. 20 babies received the basic care of feeding, changing and washing, but nothing more. The caregivers did not look

Man volgt zijn hart

Your heart knows the way, run in that direction! – Rumi – The very first one! The first of a series of blogs with the aim of seducing you to listen to your heart and your deepest knowledge. Inviting you to experience a more relaxed  and more lively daily life.