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Your heart knows the way

Man volgt zijn hart

Your heart knows the way, run in that direction! – Rumi –

The very first one! The first of a series of blogs with the aim of seducing you to listen to your heart and your deepest knowledge. Inviting you to experience a more relaxed  and more lively daily life. In every blog I will discuss  a theme that every lover of life will encounter at some point. My intention is to bring these big themes into everyday life and make them tangible. We kick off with the theme Desire. Where it all starts.

The power of desire.

Coming in contact with our deepest desire is all-important! It sets the course and direction in which your life will unfold. This is indeed quite a statement. Please do not take my word for it, but check for yourself whether this corresponds to your current experience of reality. Here comes another one: Deep interest is the first step on any path. This also applies to spirituality.

What is your desire in this life?

Having clarity about what we want at the deepest level brings us a lot of peace. We do not need to chase desires that do not satisfy us or even harm us. This takes a lot of energy and creates a lot of uncertainty. I would like to invite you to take the time to become aware of your deepest interest. Take your time, as much and as often as necessary, and ask yourself what you want in this life. What is most valuable to you? The answer might not come right away. Perhaps the mind comes up with innumerable things. Take your time, and don’t settle for the first or the best answer that the conditioned mind comes up with. Sink deeper and feel those depths; where your heart is whispering its deepest desires.

Deepest desires are nestled in the heart.

How do you get in touch with this? The desires that emerge through this investigation are usually loud and are mainly in the mind. Thoughts with a promise. If I have this or I am there, then I am happy and I can rest. This is how  thought dangles a carrot in front of you. And how happiness is placed outside the present moment. One way to see through this is to imagine that you are actually where you would like to be, right now. When all external circumstances are to your liking. And really looking at what life looks like today, and especially how it feels. Or have conversations with friends about what you really want in life and investigate this  together. Another way is to observe a person who has everything you want and see how they meet life. How he or she is in friendship, work, relationships, etc. Is this where you want to go? If so, go for it! And I invite you to experience fully the harvest of your desire. This will help you deepen your interest in the same direction if it really feels good, or shift to a deeper layer because your heart’s desire is not yet reached.

Listen to your whispering heart.

We are survivors first, then social beings, then thinkers. In other words, we have evolved from reptiles to mammals and then to modern humans. When a danger threatens, a nice meeting with someone is irrelevant. Or do you first finish your conversation when a tiger growls behind you? The oldest part of your brain switches off the rest of the brain in order to survive. When we sit comfortably in a group, our thoughts are clearer and we can be ourselves . We are even funny sometimes! What I am saying here is that thinking is in the back of the queue when it comes to our basic needs. Safety, nutrition, love, sexuality, friendship and desires are the needs of the body. We can make contact with this by feeling and resting our attention in the body. This is how we learn the language of our body. And we can use the intelligence of this as a compass. A compass that points the way to places where we feel fulfilled and can rest. Where we are more in touch with our friends, family and nature. Where we are more in touch with life!

An invitation.

An invitation to research into your deepest desire, to feel. An invitation to a fuller life! Perhaps more questions arise when reading such a blog or interest has been triggered. You are most welcome to join  a Conscious Meeting to investigate and experience what your heart longs for.