4. BODYWORK English

Blij kind spelen in water met vrienden


Through exercises we can support the process of healing. You can do this independently from therapy sessions, although combined therapy sessions are the most effective. Through bodywork we want to invite your body to develop other neuropaths, create new options and experience for yourself what these options are for you. You can do the exercises several times with intervals of days, weeks or months. You will find that your experiences will not always be the same. Chances are that if you do an exercise more often you will discover new things, and the capacity of your body will become more and more refined. This increases your capacity to distinguish subtler forms of sensations and emotions.


The neuropaths that you build with the help of the exercises below will help you in your daily life. In other words, you will find that the exercises help you to do something different than usual. This way, the neuropaths that are functional for you can become bigger and stronger. Repetition and awareness during the exercises and in your daily life enhance the learning process. I will keep adding new exercises to this page. Exercises that help you to become aware of your breathing, for example, and to break patterns in this area. Or exercises that invite you to get in touch with your own limits and help you indicate your limits. But also exercises to better understand your nervous system and your body, so that your body will work as a compass for you. And much more. I wish you a lot of fun, curiosity and playfulness with these exercises!