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Self-realisation and baking cakes

De blik van Ramana Maharshi

It felt so close. As if I already knew it, but I didn’t realize it yet. The last few days I felt and experienced things differently than usual and now I have a book in my hand with beautiful black and white photos and one-liners by Nisargadata Maharaj. One of the great sages from India. I read: Witness your thoughts…. I notice that this is already going on and read on. Stay as the spectator…. And my search for self-realization was done.

The great sages of many cultures, times and beliefs emphasize the value of self-realization. Numerous books have been written about this and millions of people have devoted their lives to it. They follow the words of the sages to gain freedom, and thus be released from their suffering. That’s how I did it and this is what I can share with you.

Find out who it is who is suffering

The story goes that one of the most outstanding Yogis in the days of Ramana Maharshi was overrun with doubts one day. That same day he found himself at Ramana’s foot on the sacred mountain Arunachala. He expressed his frustration; I have read all the books out there and mastered all forms of meditation. And yet there is no liberation yet. Ramana, please tell me how I and mankind can be freed from suffering. Ramana took him in and looked silently at the Yogi for 15 minutes with his gentle gaze and answered; find out who it is who is suffering. The Yogi turned in and recognized the truth of Ramana’s invitation, flooded with joy, he sat speechless with Ramana until nightfall.


As the word says it means realization of the self. Knowing your true essence. This is accompanied by the redemption of the illusive ego. By ego I mean belief in the “I-thought” and related convictions such as your identity. You can quite rightly wonder what the hell is this good for. I want to invite you to look at your own experience to answer this. Do you perhaps recognize one of the following beliefs in yourself? “I’m not good enough.” “I am better than others.” “I have to work on myself.” What would life be like without such beliefs? Will you experience more space and freedom or less? Have more or less stress? Do you want to feel more or less connected with nature and people around you? Somewhere in our system, these beliefs seem necessary to function. To keep control over our lives and survive. But is that really the case?

You are that in which everything appears

Is it necessary to have disapprove of yourself in order to grow? Is it necessary to compare yourself to others when you bake a cake? Is it necessary to create an image of ourselves or others in order to enjoy the moment? My experience is that I go through life more effectively, more freely and more lovingly without the burden of the ego. The habit of creating an image of ourselves and protecting this identity with our lives is quite strong. Wars are two identities fighting each other, aren’t they? It is of immense value to see that. That can pave the way for self-realization; to recognize yourself as where everything appears. This is a true contribution to freedom and love.

Embodiment of self-realization

Recognizing yourself as consciousness, beyond form and identity, is the beginning. Now the capacity has grown to recognize the habits that we and mankind should not recognize at this time. And with a little luck, we can slowly but surely move in our daily live from a sense of unity. This is embodiment. A cliffhanger to my next blog 😉