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Great! Everybody has trauma’s

Trauma, ontwikkelingstrauma

On the stairs I tapped Holger on the shoulder and asked if I could do a Somatic Experiencing session with him. I have no trauma, but I am very curious about your sessions. Holger looked at me most amused and said, everyone has trauma. It is part of our life. Due to trauma it is possible that we can now experience the growth that we previously could not. That we can even experience the growth that our parents and ancestors couldn’t. Trauma is part of our evolution as humanity.


Information comes to us all day long. As we age, our system learns to process this information better and better. Our capacity grows through this. We learn to walk, talk, work, maintain long-term relationships, take care of children and much more. But sometimes things happen that limit our ability to enjoy life. This is trauma. The limitation arises because our system is overloaded with more than we can handle at one time. This can be an accident, difficult birth or abuse, but also, for example, unaware parents. Parents who don’t sense your limits. Being too busy to give you the necessary attention, or always pushing you to perform. This overload unbalances our system and makes us less able to respond to what is coming our way in the moment. Persistent stress is a well-known example of this.


A sign of trauma is that we experience the present moment as the moment when the trauma was caused. We are stuck in the past, as it were. Something that is happening now is triggering the trauma in us. As a result, the present moment is colored with thoughts, emotions and sensations of the past, which have become stuck due to our  overloaded nervous system. For example, a squeaky sound that you are not aware of right now can bring you back to the moment of panic when you had a car accident and the metal on asphalt made the same sound. Healing of trauma is created by building capacity and processing stuck energy. This way you can meet the present moment fresh instead of through the filter of the past.

Somatic Experiencing Therapy

The most effective form of therapy I know for the treatment of trauma is Somatic Experiencing. That is why I am now a Somatic Experiencing Therapist. I full-heartedly recommend everyone to take some of these sessions with a therapist of your choice. Especially  if you are interested in a better and fuller life. For more information, visit www.consciousinvitations.nl